How We Failed a Startup in a One Week Hackathon

Why you should pursue visions with fear

The push of ambition

Things started to change when we had our second meeting. The solution we had come up with—personalized content based on a user’s progress—wasn’t good enough for us. We decided to think about things like entrepreneurs:

First smoothie

A few hours of mind mapping, decoupling, and researching later, we came across our first smoothie—a sweet but bubbly drink.

A bigger bowl

That’s right. We have tasted our bowl of smoothie now. But how do we know if we can get a bigger bowl? Numbers.

Second smoothie

It turns out that vision can act as a pain killer. It makes you so focused on your actions that you dismiss all appreciations of danger.

Take advantage of fear

Fear, in essence, is the pain caused by our subconscious (which accounts for 95% of our conscious awareness) reacting to the detection of potential harm.

What’s next for us

“Whenever you feel like you will be the best is when you most likely wouldn’t”

If there is anything we learned from this past week, it is to understand our visions. Be confident only about our true abilities and never fly far astray from the solid boundaries that we have built through real experiments.

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