A series of reflections on the limitations (and potentials) of high school student-run non-profit organizations.

“初生牛犊不怕虎。” — Chinese idiom

“A newborn calf has no fear for a tiger.” This is both a compliment and a caution, praising the courage that comes with the young while also illuminating the probable dangers.

Among high school NGO founders, there are certain traits shared by all of those that succeed. Hardworking, open-minded, empathy, patience, and consistency are only a few of the many factors that set a capable student leader apart from her peers.

Many have argued that they fit the description. So when 2020 called for leaders to create a positive social impact, students across the world stepped…

John Yang 鉴昂

Student of AI, philosophy, cognition, and startups. Seeking wisdom through experiments. Turbulent visionary.

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